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SprintTek Academy

SprintTek Academy provides the learning resources and training to equip incoming Managers and Drivers with the necessary knowledge to effectively perform their tasks.

SprintTek Academy has been created to ensure the competence of your Drivers and Managers through documented measurement of skills and knowledge. The Academy aims to establish a certain standard when hiring skilled individuals for specific roles and qualified workforce.

By the end of each successful courses, students will be provided with a certification. Aside from courses offered, the Academy also supplies the needed documentation and demo for the different pages and functionalities of both the driver app and the web portal.

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SprintTek™ is the logistics technology solutions, providing the most robust technology for the tailored system for each customer, therefore giving every client a fully integrated service, getting all their needs covered.

With the aim to continue evolving and improving the system to cater to the requirements of an e-retailer seeking last mile tracking or its national carriers and customer confirmation; a healthcare provider monitoring its outsourced logistics providers; or a logistics company needing a full enterprise solution with back-end functionality, SprintTek™ is born to provide the most feature-rich functionalities to drive performances and accountability: visibility, tracking, routing, monitoring, exception flagging, email or SMS notifications, reporting, accounting, and so much more.


SprintShip™ is a software suite — the product of a continuous, meticulous, and smart work of an international team of engineers and developers, as well as experts in the logistics industry and different business sectors. It offers the most cost-effective, visible, securely controlled, fully trackable delivery solutions across the United States, and soon, the globe.

Designed and built to give a revolutionary delivery and tracking solution system from the ground up, the mission of SprintShip™ has always been to give clients a fast and reliable alternative to traditional shipping companies — all at an affordable cost.

At SprintShip™, delivery services are re-invented. Sprint it. Track it.

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SprintShip Logistics provides the worldwide tailored solutions that are managed by SprintShip’s performance managers. For smarter logistics solutions, discover more about this here.